call a function in success of datatable ajax call

Is that possible to invoke a javascript function in success of datatable ajax call.
Here is the code am trying to use,

var oTable = $(#app-config).dataTable(
                bAutoWidth: false,                                                
                bProcessing : true,
                bServerSide : true,
                sPaginationType : full_numbers,
                sAjaxSource : url,                    
                fnServerData : function(sSource, aoData, fnCallback) {
                    alert(sSource+ sSource);
                    alert(aoData+ aoData);
                        dataType : json,
                        type : GET,
                        url : sSource,
                        data : aoData,
                        success : fnCallback

is it possible to have something like,

success : function(){
    .....code goes here

instead of success : fnCallback > which is last line of AJAX call.
In this function I would like to check a value send from server side.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Top Answer 1

You can use this:

drawCallback: function(settings) {
   do whatever  

Top Answer 2

You can use this:

drawCallback: function(settings) {
   do whatever  

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